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A UI/UX project at Listee, a food & beverage site/app based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Listee - Desktop App UI/UX design

May - Aug 2021

"An intuitive food & beverage planner."


I took a summer internship with, a food & beverage site/app that caters to small stores and vendors in and around the city of Jakarta, Indonesia.

I interned as a UI/UX designer and worked in the design with fellow designers, collaborating with engineers and product managers to iterate on new and existing features to improve the site/app.

  • Research

  • Problem Validation

  • Ideation

  • Wireframing

  • User Testing

  • Visual Design


Listee aims to provide a platform for vendors to run their store and sell their goods to customers.

In Jakarta, most online stores are ran through Instagram, which can be quite hard for people from the older generation, who are less tech savvy and don’t have a large online presence.

However, there was an issue. We found that vendor retention rates were quite low, meaning that even though there were a lot of new vendors that signed up with Listee, more than 50% of them stopped using Listee after a short period of time.

We conducted some user research with some of Listee’s vendors about their experience with the site.

We conducted interviews through zoom and gathered their thoughts about using the site; we really focused on their pain points and any suggestions they might have to better their experience.

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Pain Points

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 11.33 1.png
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Difficulty navigating the site.

Many of Listee’s vendors are older and not so tech savvy. They found difficulty in navigating the site, especially with accessing the settings for their store.


This is problematic as it takes more time and focus away from actually running the store.

Setting up their site takes so long.

Vendors found it time-consuming to set up their online store for the first time. The main issue came from setting up their menu; each item had to be individually set up.


This exponentially increases the time it takes to set up a complete menu.

A lack of analytics features.

Vendors mentioned that while they liked Listee’s online platform, they felt that it was lacking something that could help them with daily/monthly operation of their store.

They wanted Listee to add an analytics type feature to the site.

Business Goals
  • Increase vendor retention rate

  • Increase number of functioning stores on

User Goals
  • Make it easier for vendors to navigate around the site & set up their store.

  • Allow vendors to view monthly metrics, customer and location info within

Design Focus


User flow has to be clear and easy to understand for people who are not very tech-savvy.


Site navigation and set-up has to be quick and simple, so as to not waste vendors’ time.


Content and info must be presented in a way that is easily digestible for vendors.


Simplified Navigation Tab

Unnecessary pages to daily workflow removed & moved to submenu on other pages.

Less Clutter

Reducing the amount of pages from 11 to 7 makes each page and its function easier to remember.

Simplifying Site Navigation


Only 2 Obvious Settings

The only settings present in the store settings page were the General and Account Information.

Difficult to Access Settings

Settings for Delivery, Logo & Banner, and Payment were found in their respective pages.

All-in-one Settings Page


All Settings in 1 Page

Combined all settings from the different pages into a single page, for quick and easy access.


Adding Multiple Items at Once

When adding a menu item, vendors can select the option to use bulk menu upload.

Bulk Menu Upload


Uploading in Bulk

This feature allows vendors to upload their menu items from an excel form.

A simple checkbox form asks vendors what they want to upload & generates a fillable excel template.


Easy Tracking

Displays their net & gross sales, number of orders, and average order amount per month in simple and easy to read graphs.

Start & End Date Filter

The start and end dates for when the statistics are shown can be easily adjusted, allowing vendors to analyze more specific periods of time.

Financial Analytics


Customer List

Displays a list of customers who have ordered, their total amount spent, how many orders they have, & recency of their last order.

Customer Analytics


Geographic Analysis

Displays geographically on a map how many orders originate from areas within a store’s local city/region.

Easy & Informative

Simple to read numbers combined with use of color (the redder it is the more the orders)

Customer Analytics - Geographic

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