I took a summer internship with Listee.id, a food & beverage site/app that caters to small stores and vendors in and around the city of Jakarta, Indonesia.

I interned as a UI/UX designer and worked with designers, engineers, and product managers to iterate on new and existing features and improve the site/app.


  • Interface Design
  • Website Design
  • Ideation
  • Simplifying site navigation
  • Simplifying store settings and options pages
  • Ideating new features (bulk menu, geo map page)


Analytics and Customer Pages

One of the issues that were brought up was site navigation. We found that people were confused when navigating due to the amount of pages on there, so we decided that as a nav list, having 11 pages was too much and was a mess for the user to navigate through.

Updated Nav

I simplified the navigation by getting rid of pages that were uneccesary. The premium and tutorial tab don’t really serve a necessary function within the daily user workflow, so I got rid of them. I also updated the settings page.

Previously, the settings for the various functions (delivery, store, business and account info were placed in their respective pages. I placed all of them into the new settings page, which also has a more obvious location all by itself at the bottom of the nav bar. This will make accessing all the settings much easier.

Settings Page

During the overhaul to the site navigation, I combined all the settings from the different pages into a single page. I created 2 different versions of the settings page, in order to have options going forward.

Option #1

Option #2

Analytics and Customer Pages

Another thing I worked on with the design team was creating the analytics and customer pages. Users wanted more analytics; such as financial as well as customer statistics. We came up with the analytics and customer pages, in order to give users more insight into their orders and users.

Analytics Page: Financial

Analytics Page: Customer

Customers Page

Customers Page: Filtered

Bulk Menu

Lastly, we wanted to create a way to speed up the process of putting menu items on the store. We found that any of the vendors used excel to keep inventory, and this includes the menu items along with their pricing, which informed us to make a bulk menu upload, where vendors can just upload their excel file and have their menu done instantly.

Menu Page