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An-in-one gaming tracker website for gamers.

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gmr - Dashboard UI design

Aug - Dec 2021

"A comprehensive gaming tracker dashboard"


Being an avid gamer, I wanted to design something for the gaming market.

I ended up designing a dashboard website with the concept of tracking gaming progress across all platforms used by the user.

gmr is meant to be a one-stop-shop for tracking all your gaming progress and achievements. 

  • UI Design

  • Ideation

  • Visual Design


Video games have grown immensely since they were introduced to us. Back then, you only had a few games to play and they were all very simple ones.

Nowadays, there are countless genres of video games, and not only that, a large variety of machines and platforms to play them on.

Being an avid gamer myself, I thought that this subject would be great to create a tracker app for.

So how exactly would a tracker app be used for people who play video games?

Every type of video game has multiple types of progression in them. Keeping track of all your progress across the board for all the games one might be playing can get hard, as games are run from different platforms and applications and there isn’t a singular place for gamers to track them from one place.

Main Dashboard UI

Games currently being played are front and center.
Clicking on a card expands it to show fuller and more complete info.

Desktop UI


Mobile UI

Frame 156.png

Four colors have been used to represent the four gaming platforms tracked on gmr.

Each color will always be the same for each platform to avoid any confusion.

Dashboard (Segmented playtime).png

Clicking on the segmented filter changes the data to differentiate between platforms.

Dashboard (currently playing).png

Clicking on ‘Currently Playing’ expands the section and shows the other games in detail alongside your most recent one.

Dashboard New User.png

When a user first uses the site, they will be prompted and guided to add a game that they're currently playing.

Dashboard Add Game.png

Adding a game to your ‘currently playing’ list is as easy as clicking the ‘add a new game button’ and searching for it on the search bar.

Onboarding UI

onboarding 1.png
onboarding 3.png
onboarding 4.png
onboarding 8.png
onboarding 9.png
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